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If accepted, you’ll be able to contribute your original articles for publication on HellaWella.com and our associated newsletters and social media.  Additional benefits include listing your personal bio and a link back to your site.

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HellaWella Guest Contributor Submission guidelines

Posts. All posts should behigh quality, well written, concise and additive for HellaWella readers. Emphasis should be on healthy living tips and actionable ideas. Healthy living encompasses: a) what you eat and drink, b) what you do for exercise, c) what you do to stay healthy, d) what you do to de-stress, e) what you do to keep your mind active and healthy, and f) what you do to turn your home into a sanctuary.

Topics. Our key categories are EATS, RECIPES, SWEAT, HEALTH, HOME and PLAY. Submissions for any of these categories will be considered. For recipes, please include ingredients, cook time, number of servings, and directions.

Type. Articles that debunk conventional wisdom are encouraged. Listicles (articles of lists) will be considered. Generic posts are not likely to be accepted. Posts from PR and content marketers will not be accepted through this program.

Length. Posts to HellaWella should be between 500-1000 words. Exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Images. All posts should be accompanied by at least one high-quality, original image (840 pixels width). Listicles should contain a high-quality, original image for each item in the list. HellaWella reserves the right not to decline a guest post due to poor image quality.

Frequency. Guest contributors are expected to submit a minimum of two articles per calendar month.

Edits. We reserve the right to edit your work (e.g. spelling, grammar, etc.) for clarity and to improve readability for our users.

Original content. We only accept your original content that hasn’t been / won’t be published anywhere else on the web

Links. Each post may be accompanied by one link, preferably in the bio, back to your site.

Your bio.  Please include a bio of maximum 150 words: Who you are, any pertinent credentials, where you live, and what makes you different from everybody else. Feel free to include a single URL (not hyperlinks) to your site if you’d like.

Guest post promotion.  Once we publish your post, we hope and expect that you will promote it on your own blog and via your social channels such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. 

How to Apply